IMEC Policies


  1. All powers relating to disciplinary action against the students shall vest in the Program Director as per AICTE norms. The Program Director shall be responsible for the maintenance of discipline amongst the students of the Institute and shall exercise all powers necessary for this purpose, including the power to impose fine, forfeiture of attendance, suspension or debarring a student from the Institute for limited/unlimited period.
  1. In case the Principal feels that a more deterrent punishment than that mentioned above is warranted, in any case he may suspend a student from the Institute for the entire academic year or expel him from the Institute forthwith.
  1. The Principal reserves the right to remove from the rolls the name of any student who fails to pay the Program fee dues on time
  1. If any student is expelled from the Institute, intimation of the same with a statement of the reason thereof shall be given forthwith, by the Program Director to the parent or local guardian of the student. Student expelled shall forfeit all right to claim refund of any fees (except the caution money deposit) paid to the Institute.
  1. All students shall carry their ID cards and shall produce them whenever called for by the authorities. Students are advised to take care of their ID cards. The loss of which must be promptly reported to the Institute authorities. Duplicate ID card will be issued only on payment of Rs 250. Loss of duplicate ID card will be viewed seriously and will attract a fine of Rs. 500. Instructions on the identity card should be read carefully and followed.
  1. Students should be regular and punctual to all the classes (theory/practical/group discussions & exercises) and secure attendance of not less than 75% in each theory subject and 100% in practical subjects as stipulated by the Institute. Otherwise they are not allowed to appear for the examination for the whole semester.
  1. No student shall be permitted to take the examination unless he /she has paid all his / her dues to the Institute and his/her progress, conduct, and attendance are found satisfactory
  1. Ragging is strictly prohibited and treated as “zero-tolerance” vide “Anti-Ragging Act” No. 37-3/ Legal/ AICTE/ 2009. Any student found indulging in ragging in any form within or outside the campus shall be immediately expelled from the Institute and necessary disciplinary action will be taken as per orders of Honorable Supreme Court of India.
  1. Students should adhere to the dress regulations prescribed by the Institute and are required to wear the prescribed uniform
  1. At any cost and in any circumstances, students should not take the law into his/her own hands. Use of violence by a student on any other person will be viewed seriously and dealt with severely. Students shall make representation for any difficulty or grievance directly to the Program Director (or use on-line grievance redressal form). The decision of the Director in these matters shall be final.
  1. Students shall behave in a disciplined manner and follow all the instructions issued by the Program Director from time to time. They shall not indulge in any kind of misconduct/antisocial activities/ act of indiscipline, within or outside the Institute. If they do so, they will be subject to strict disciplinary action or may face expulsion from the Institute.
  1. Students are required to show due regard to the Institutional property. Any student found guilty of defacing or damaging property shall be liable for penal action and expulsion from the Institute.
  1. Students shall not hold any kind of meetings to criticize the authorities of the Institute. Such meeting shall be deemed unlawful, and the Program Director may take severe action.
  1. Students are prohibited from organizing any meeting or entertainment at the Institute or collecting money for any purpose within or outside the Institute, without the prior permission of the Program Director, in writing.
  1. All notices shall be displayed on the notice board and /or on the website and it shall be presumed that the students have knowledge of the same. Any negligence to read the notices and the loss thereafter will not be the responsibility of the Institute.
  1. ASSIGNING LOCAL GUARDIANS: Parents can declare 1 (or) 2 local guardians for their wards subject to the following conditions: 1. The local guardian shall be of a minimum age of 35 years. 2. He / She shall not be a student of any educational institution. 3. The local guardian shall be working or having own Business. 4. Local Guardian may be from the same family (or) from 2 different families. 5. For any Local Guardian proof of identification should be enclosed.
  2. INDUSTRIAL VISITS: All the students must wear ID cards and come in the regular dress code during the Industrial Visit. If there is any violation during the Industrial Visit, the driver/staff in-charges have the authority to return the bus to the institute immediately. Information about the Industrial Visit should be sent to the parents in the prescribed format. Undertakings signed by the student and parent should be submitted to the Training & Placement Officer at least 2 days before the Industrial Visit. Any indiscipline or misbehavior during the Industrial Visits will be viewed very seriously and no further Industrial Visits will be allowed till the end of their course. At least 85% strength is compulsory for Industrial Visits. Otherwise, the Industrial Visit will be cancelled.


Guidelines to Official Email Users (Drafted in January, 2019)

  • Creation and activation of Official E-mail account

a- An official E-mail account in institute’s domain ( will be provided to each faculty, staff and students of IMEC institute.

b- The general e-mail address format used for students, faculty and staff is

c- All academic and administrative communications from administrators, program director and faculty will be sent to the users official e-mail address and is therefore mandatory for all users to check their e-mail account on regular basis.

d- The users can access their E-mail account through Institute homepage using the URL ( Before activation, the user should read the email guidelines . During the activation or first login, the user will be prompted to change his/her temporary password. The password should be of at least 8 characters and preferably the combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters.

e- After successful activation of E-mail account, the user should send a confirmation e-mail to Any problems related to login is to be reported at the above mentioned e-mail address.

f- E-mail accounts which are not activated within one month from the date of issue will be deleted permanently without any prior notice.

Guidelines for E-mail usage

a- Misuse or abuse of electronic mail facility is punishable under Information Technology Act 2000, Government of India.

b- E-mail services from IMEC institute are a privilege, not a right. The official E-mail account provided to a faculty, staff or student is meant for the official communication only. Every E-mail user in our institute domain is bound to obey and follow the guidelines given below.

c- It is the users’ responsibility to keep their E-mail account in good standing, not give out passwords, hold responsibility for any activity originating from that account and use the email account in ways that are responsible, ethical, lawful and professional.

d- As part of normal E-mail management, the IT  help desk collects various types of user’s data including login/logout times, types and frequencies of access and amount of resources used. This information can be used for effective management of e-mail system. IT helpdesk reserves the right to suspend or delete an e-mail address that has been inactive for more than three months.

e- The users are advised not to indulge in any unacceptable behavior or activity. The unacceptable behavior includes, but not limited to, distribution of unsolicited and unauthorized mass E-mail to users, threatening users, infringements of others’ privacy, interference with others’ work, copyright infringement and illegal activity.

f- Posting harassing, abusive, obscene, harmful, illegal or objectionable contents, spamming group mails with undesired contents or messages to any users or mailing lists of our official domain are strictly forbidden.

g- Posting buy/sale deals to the group mailing lists or any content which is not of a common interest of the members of such group mailing lists is not permitted.

h- Users who violate the above stated E-mail usage policy will be subject to disciplinary action. IT helpdesk may monitor individual users suspected of violating this policy.

i- The disciplinary actions will be impended for such violation of any of the above mentioned rules/policies. In that case, IT helpdesk may (a) Issue warning E-mail to the user (b) Temporary or permanent suspend E-mail account for a semester or may permanently delete E-mail account from the institute’s domain.

a) Any event/activity (official/unofficial) being organised at IMEC institute.
b) Any academic event happening within and outside institute.
c) Internship/training opportunities.
d) Lost and Found e-mails.
e) Anything relevant to IMEC communications.
a) Buy and Sale deals
b) Use of offensive and abusive language
c) Anything not mentioned above and deemed unsuitable by IT helpdesk shall also be liable for disciplinary action.
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